Friday, May 1, 2015

Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila) and Badshahi Mosque

One of my most favorite historical sites in Lahore is Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque.

Fort of Lahore is also called locally as "Shahi Qila" means "The Royal Fort". It is is one of the magnificent fort that has a majestic history. This Fort speaks of the artistic genius of the creator's mind. This fort has a beautiful garden in front of it known as Huzori Bagh. I always feel fascinated by such historical sites because many of emperors stories associated with such places gives me a wonderful feeling.
Lahore Fort ( In front is located Huzori Bagh) a small garden

Badshahi Mosque located in front of Lahore Fort

City of Lahore was the center of Mughul Emperors. It has attained the splendid glory during the reign of Mughual Emperor jalal uddin muhammad akbar (1556-1605 A.D).  King Akbar was fond of unique architecture. The guide told me such a detailed and interesting stories of the Fort, about the Emperors and Queens, their ways of living and dealing of emperors with public.
These stairs located near Shahburj gate of lahore fort. The stairs are made for elephant feet
Building of Ranjeet Singh

The palace of Mirrors 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bangles Jewelry. The perfect fit for every wrist.

 Asian beauties are usually crazy for having lots of bangles  if they glass made, metallic, silver or gold. They love all. I personally like to collect more then to wear in actual on daily basis because it doesn't feel comfortable to carry them on regular basis. But i would prefer at least one standard size hand cuff, bracelets then having lots of glass made bangles.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cultural Hub

There are many cultural hubs almost every where in the world. It may be based on theaters presenting the cultural shows and dances, the restaurants serving the traditional food, café, book stores and museums etc. The cultural hub is basically a building or outlet that promotes culture and arts. Some times keeping traditional stuff on the display

 I came across a few days back one such cultural hub,in the city of Abbotabad, facilitated privately by a group of persons. Here i found some handcrafted kundan Jewellery sets , fabrics, and ready to wear clothes. Apart from the traditional clothes there were certain traditional shoes on display. Locally these shoe are called as "KHUSA" made of leather. They were not locally made rather bought from Faisalabad as I have seen such designs there.

Keeping in view the latest trends there were both western as well as eastern style of dresses on the display. I found the famous branded Burberry short shrugs in different colors. Western style of Men suiting were also on the display. Lets have a look at the cultural hub in Abbotabad.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My pictures of M2 Motorway (Pakistan)

M2 motorway connect Lahore with Islamabad and then eventually linking them with Peshawar. My most favorite spot at M2 is sure the most dangerous one too because it is located in the famous salt range "Khewra Salt Mine". Probably it is the only motorway in the world that is located in longest salt range. The area where starts the small hilly rocks of "Kallar Kahar" is probably one of the finest and beautiful spot with natural beauty. At one spot is located the highest pillared bridge and is suppose to be the most expensive one in Asia.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ladies traditional decorated footwear

Decorative embroidery work on ladies shoes is not unique but its innovation inspired me when i saw these exquisite traditional shoe with such a refined multi color design that goes very well with different colors of dresses. In fact they were looking inspired from traditional peshawari chapal for men.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Beauty with heart

        With lots of organic body care and hair products to beautify you and pamper you that is some thing natural beauty products, inspired by nature. They promise you to give with best organic and natural ingredients in their products and i found them smell really natural without putting any artificial fragrances. 

As mother nature have a cure for every thing so today's beauty products are especially made keeping this in mind. Mineral make up's and other organic products are available in market. Usually we use pure things available in our kitchens like eggs yolk and white for hair and skin, yougurt mask for face for hairs etc but problem is that they all smell bad and its really difficult to spend even 10 minutes with them. 

To avoid such messy stuff it's rather good to try these products available in market instead. I tried some of these and they feels good on skin. Hopefully to get back and try few more :) Just buy them from their specific outlets so you won't get expired products. 


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